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Join baseball’s fastest growing community and become a Stick & Ball TV partner today.

Stick & Ball TV is your organization’s valuable partner to help develop your coaches and elevate player performance. 

As a partner, you:

  • Belong to a community of trusted baseball organizations and brands
  • Differentiate your program from the competition
  • Become a valuable resource to your coaching staff
  • Increase player development
  • Educate parents

Let’s partner together to take your program to the next level and give your parents and players more than they expect!

  • Extend your digital footprint
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Maximize player exposure
  • Build loyalty to your program

Teams & Facilities

Diamond Club

The Stick & Ball TV Diamond Club partnership is Stick & Ball TV’s most prestigious and all-encompassing partnership and will take your program to the highest level. As a Diamond Partner we provide: 

  • A customized SBTV channel, matching your brand and message
  • High-quality video production at one location for two days
  • Custom channel promotional videos
  • Published content from your coaches, teams, and facility
  • The ability to enhance and build your program’s culture and philosophy
  • The ability to provide unique videos on your SBTV channel, only to be seen by your parents, coaches, and players.
  • The ability to tell your story like never before
  • Discounted rates on SBTV professional video and media services
  • Access to Pay-Per-View events, online clinics, and webinars for free or at discounted rates.
  • Player promotions
  • And much more…

Preferred Partner

The SBTV Preferred Partner program is a great opportunity for organizations who are committed to player development and are interested in an entry-level partnership. As a Preferred Partner, we can provide:

  • A customized SBTV channel, matching your brand and message
  • An extended digital footprint
  • A collection of videos from SBTV top coaches on your custom channel
  • Your organization the ability to upload videos to tell your story, promote players, and market your organization through your custom SBTV channel
  • Discounted rates on SBTV video and media services
  • And more…

Tournaments & Leagues

Recreational Leagues

Stick & Ball TV partners with Recreational League baseball and softball teams to help them build better coaches, educate their parents, and give their players more experience and on-and-off-field success.

SBTV is a valuable resource for coaches and leagues to learn and players to develop through a unique viewing experience, dedicated to any individual’s specific needs. Contact us at the form below to learn more about how Stick & Ball TV can help your organization impact the game in a positive way.

Tournament Partners

Together with tournament hosts, Stick & Ball TV provides a unique opportunity to extend digital footprints, increase awareness, and provide the best experience possible for coaches, parents, and players.

By partnering with SBTV, we can help elevate your events and give your teams a unique viewing experience. Tournament partners receive:

  • A customized SBTV channel, matching your brand and message, giving tournament hosts the ability to promote events, tell your story, show highlights, recaps, interviews, and much more.
  • Access to the SBTV video and media publishing team to capture, edit and produce video elements of events that is second-to-none.
  • The ability to enhance your audience with TV-like experiences anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Brand Partnerships

Affiliated Representatives

Brand Partnerships

Known as the “Netflix” of baseball, Stick & Ball TV is a centralized source for all things trusted in baseball and softball, bringing together the games’ top coaches, organizations, and baseball brands in to ONE ecosystem and ONE community.

Brand partnerships with SBTV will increase your digital footprint, educate the baseball and softball communities on your brand, promote your products, and increase your target audience.

Affiliated Representative

Stick & Ball TV is always looking to add high quality teammates with knowledge and love for the games of baseball and/or softball to help us grow. If you are interested in supplementing your income by becoming part of a great organization, please reach out to us via the form below.

Please complete the form below for an SBTV representative to contact you regarding a partnership, or contact:


Chris Vetetoe – Sales Director
Call/Text: (615) 496-6031

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